Our Story:

ANC Stainless Steel is a family-own business based in Brooklyn, New York. We provide unparalleled, distinctive craftsman shifts. Our attention to detail in each of our products has been noted numerous times by our customers.

We custom-build products including gates, fences, tables, sheds, doors, air conditioner guards, and even mufflers for trucks and buses. We tailor each product to the customer's requirements. We are more than happy to work with you individually to ensure your product is what you envisioned.

We weld steel, aluminium, and Iron products.

Please feel free to look through the collection of images we've taken of our products. We offer free estimates and you may contact us through our e-mail: ancsteels@gmail.com; or by our phone number: 718-912-8803


Our products are firmly joined together through our laser welding techniques. It not only makes the product look and feels more premium, laser welding guarantees that the product can exceed in areas where conventional welding techniques cannot. Therefore, the ultimate product is durable and hardy. It is what sets us apart from our competitors.